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Tree Surgeons in Wimbledon

Based in the Surrey town of Worcester Park, the team at Kingston and Surrey Tree Surgeons regularly assists customers in nearby London, including those in Wimbledon. We have a reputation across the town for the high standard of tree care we provide for private individuals and commercial clients alike. Whether called out for a stump removal, a hedge trimming, or any of the other arboricultural services we deliver, you can depend on us to provide a first-rate service.

Reliable Tree Surgeons in Wimbledon

As the leading provider of tree surgeon services in the South East, we have much to offer our customers in Wimbledon. Here are some of our more popular services…

Tree Surgery in Wimbledon

Tree surgery covers a range of specialist techniques designed to improve the health and prolong the life of any trees on your property. From removing the dead wood and repairing damaged branches, to encouraging straighter growth and pruning back the leaves, we do it all. If the tree needs to be removed, we can also assist with tree felling.

Stump Removal in Wimbledon

Getting rid of an unwanted tree stump, whether in your private garden or from public grounds, requires the right tools and the right experience. Fortunately for our Wimbledon customers, the team at Kingston and Surrey Tree Surgeons is blessed with both. We use specialist stump grinders that reduce any stump to sawdust for easy removal and disposal.

Hedge Trimming in Wimbledon

If you want your hedge trimming at your Wimbledon property, you have come to the right place. At Kingston and Surrey Tree Surgeons, we do more than just cut back the greenery. We carefully removed dead branches, allowing the remainder of the hedge room to grow. This results in a healthy, thick, and lustrous bit of foliage.

Other Arboriculture Services in Wimbledon

While the services we have listed above offer a broad idea of the services we provide, we have much more available to our customers. From raising, lifting and thinning the crown of your trees to pruning shrubs and clearing your garden, we are there to help. Whatever help you are looking for with your trees and hedges, call us.

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Why Choose Kingston and Surrey Tree Surgeons?

There When You Need Us

Our customers in Wimbledon live busy lives and cannot always make themselves available during regular working hours. At Kingston and Surrey Tree Surgeons, we understand this, which is why we offer evening and weekend appointments for all our customers in the borough. Whatever time is best for you, we will do our best to accommodate you.

Experienced Tree Surgeons

We have been working as professional tree surgeons in the Wimbledon area for many years. Indeed, our crew of arboricultural experts have been part of the trade for more than fifty years between them. This experience, combined with their training and skill, is your personal guarantee of a job well done, every time you call.

Your Local Tree Surgeons

Working out of our office in Worcester Park, we are around 5 miles away from our customers in Wimbledon. With traffic conditions working in our favour, we can reach you in under 15 minutes. Our crew knows the route well, having made the journey hundreds of times. This ensures we will arrive at your property on time, every time.

Get in touch

For tree maintenance and tree care in Wimbledon, call Kingston and Surrey Tree Surgeons on 07948 518 108. A member of our team will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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